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The owner, when shown, demonstrates with all his appearance that he is the owner. Some even emanate vibes “so, don’t touch anything here, everything is mine here.” You should not behave like this, it is better to let the buyers walk around the object (apartment or house) themselves. And do not follow them on their heels with the words: "Here we have a refrigerator", "Here we have a bathroom." Believe me, the buyer is not an idiot, he knows how to distinguish a toilet bowl from a refrigerator. If necessary, you will be asked a question

Critical remarks of the buyer are explained by the goal to bring down the price. Be patient, in his place you would have behaved in the same way.

Do not bombard the buyer with information. A serious buyer will ask everything himself.

What questions do you need to answer?

A. Grounds for taking ownership, number of owners.

B. The reason for the sale and the scheme of the transaction. Here I will mention again the importance of working out the purpose of the transaction before the whole story with the sale.

B. Room sizes. No, not area, but length and width. A serious buyer will “arrange” his furniture already at the viewing and will definitely ask about the size of the rooms. It is advisable to have a tape measure on hand.

D. Find out which side of the world each window faces. This is a very common question.

цD. Five advantages of your house (apartment).

The main question arises: how to prepare an object for display? After all, many sellers live in the facility. The main mistake of sellers is to show the object on demand. It is more correct to appoint a specific day of the show. All serious buyers will be waiting for this day. Schedule it at a convenient time. The show lasts 1-2 hours. Distribute buyers in the schedule with an interval of 20 minutes. Thus, buyers will bump into each other at the entrance, which will create the effect of a sought-after object.


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