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One of our core values

As mothers, we feel it is our duty to create a brand representative of our values ​​and a business as ethical as possible, involving both environmental and social responsibility. We strive to offer sustainable fashion keeping in mind our main commitments:


  1. Reduce the impacts on the environment and preserve our natural resources.

  2. Contribute to improving the conditions of those linked to our operations in the countries involved in the development and manufacturing of our products.

  3. Innovate in the development of the quality and safety of our products.



We ensure that all our products are manufactured with care and respect. Innovation is at the heart of our brand. We are therefore constantly seeking to stay informed on new sustainable materials or new technologies proposed by the textile industry. By "sustainable materials”, we mean innovative materials that have a low impact on nature and on human health. This process covers how raw materials evolve, the manufacturing process, the product and the customer experience. However, we are aware that any material, whether conventional or ground breaking, has its advantages and disadvantages.


Protecting and preserving the environment is one of our greatest challenges shared by everyone. Earth’s resources are consumed at an unbridled pace and the textile industry is no exception, as it is a major consumer of water and energy. Yet, in recent decades, solutions and alternatives to standard production have emerged and our role is to make them accessible to as many people as possible.


Although developing and manufacturing materials and products will always have an impact on our planet, our responsibility is to limit this as much as possible. This requires constant effort, starting from the first stage of the manufacturing process and ending with the way we consume. Everyone has a very specific role to play, from the producer to the consumer.


Deciding whom to trust with the production of our raincoats was not an easy task. For practical and ecological reasons, the preferred option was to work with local manufacturers. Unfortunately, Switzerland’s expertise in textile production is limited to certain activities such as lace, nightwear, swimwear and professional clothing. The local production of outdoor products is almost non-existent.


Even having also considered the option for the assembly of our products within the EU, this would have required production of the fabric by one of the two largest exporters specialised in the field, China and / or the United States. Having encountered problems of subcontracting by certain American or German companies with their Asian subsidiaries and considering the ecological, social and economic impact that this would have had on our products, we decided to remove all intermediaries, and to produce our collection from start to end in China. This allows us to cut out the transport of partly finished items halfway round the world and back.


Our involvement and follow-ups are performed throughout the entire process. From inception to conception, we are constantly looking for new fibres, durable materials and other innovations that could improve the overall manufacturing process. In fact, we personally visited each of the factories producing the various elements of our raincoats (see traceability -here-) and ensured that all were certified BSCI / SA-8000 / OEKO TEX STANDARD 100 / GOTS / FSC).


Concerned about the quality of our products, we tested and inspected all items before they left the factory. These tests are carried out by internationally recognised, specialised and independent companies, such as SGS (international leader in inspection, verification and testing in the industrial sector) and ASIAN INSPECTION (the undisputed leader in quality control audits of factories throughout China, India and South East Asia ( It is also essential for us to build and increase confidence in the production process by visiting our suppliers directly and sharing our vision and demands for social respect. A charter of obligations is also clearly established and must be scrupulously respected by each party engaged in the manufacturing of our products.


One ambiguity of the textile industry is that there are many ways to label a product as "sustainable" or "organic". Indeed, it is easy and simple to use the ECO label, even if the product offered is only made up of 5% of ecological or organic matter. Therefore, we are proud to say that our raincoats are produced with more than 98% of environmentally friendly materials.

We demand from our manufacturers valid and official certifications, recognised internationally. These certifications require official standards covering the materials used, production processes and working conditions in the plants with which we do business. These are mainly GOTS, Oeko-Tex® 100 Standard, Bionic Finish Eco, GRS, FSC, SA-8000, BSCI.


We work actively to limit the use of harmful chemicals in all our products, in the interests of the environment, employees and suppliers in the production chain, and the health and safety of our customers. We base our requirements on the chemical regulation of the European Union - REACH ( We remain, as much as possible, up to date and proactive regarding the latest news chemicals.

The Oeko-Tex® 100 standard is a certification ensuring that raw materials and products are tested so as not to contain illegal or chemical substances harmful to human health and / or the environment. For its certified products, the GOTS standard has strict rules on the use of chemicals throughout the production process. Furthermore, GOTS includes additional and stricter chemical regulations to what the REACH standard offers, such as nanoparticles, waste in aquaculture and biodegradability.


As mentioned above, LEA & JOJO maintains strict requirements for the use of chemicals, and we always carry out final quality tests through independent laboratories. Unfortunately, outdoor clothing often requires artificial substances ... For example, products are added during the textile production process so that the colours do not fade or to enhance the waterproofing of the product. While most are harmless, some can endanger the environment and harm people. The challenge is to avoid the harmful and toxic ones that have been widely used in the global textile industry for years and of which we still detect traces in nature and living organisms, including our bodies. It is for this reason we have decided to use the RUDOLF BIONIC ECO FINISH patent. BIONIC finish is a system of waterproofing of the fibre, using polymers also called dendrites. More can be discovered by visiting the website (  For details on our products, please visit the Product Info sections on our online shop.


We are committed to always ensuring that our products are made to the highest quality with respect to the environment and those involved in the manufacture. We have come a long way, but we also know that we must remain constantly vigilant.

Last but not the least, we have now added new products as swimwear to our collections, as fabric production is possible in Italy with a full traceability we obviously decided to produce in Europe. Our Econyl Fabric is produced in Italy form A to Z and then is sewed in Portugal. 

As far as we can our productions will be always European.


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