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Lea et Jojo, is a committed to you, our garments are made for kids. They are safe, beautiful and full of joy. We love our planet.

Lea&Jojo Switzerland, sustainable fashion

WE ARE, 100% Recycled and Recyclable, made from PET bottles and old clothes, waterproof 10K, breathable 10K, definitely windproof, totally dirt resistant and consciously washable.

WE ARE, designed in Switzerland, made localy where fabrics are produced Europe, China, South America, Bluesign, Oeko Tex, GRS, complaiant. Every Product is tested and controlled by SGS and traceable - more about sustanability here-

We are Made With LOVE, To  Love You and To be LOVED by You... Sincerely your Lea et Jojo Coat

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Emese Bándi

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